About us
Donia Al-Watan was launched in 2003 as the first electronic Palestinian newspaper concerned with Palestinian affairs, along with the regional and global news.
Donia Al-Watan could reach the top of Palestine websites through concentrating on all the important issues to the Palestinians. In addition to giving space for freedom of expression, meanwhile most of the newspapers retreated and the official media didn’t represent the people.
According to the research done by German researcher Albrecht Hovhaenz in 2006; Donia Al-Watan was classified as one of the most Arabic websites that enhance democracy.
Consequently of being the leading Palestinian website for many years, Donia Al-Watan has developed its plans to reach Arab readers in neighboring countries such as Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco.
In 2008 Donia Al-Watan has decided to expand its activities to cover Arab issues on which Arab readers care about, thus it could attract a huge number of readers.
Donia Al-Watan continued its growing, According to Alexa's top sites statistics in 2013, Donia Al-Watan overstepped facebook and headed the most browsed websites in Palestine, exceeding some other websites including Google , Youtube , Yahoo, and Twitter .
Moreover, in a research held by Oxford University to measure the effect of social media. In august 2013 Donia Al-Watan was classified to be the first website globally to exceed social media websites in its country.
Donia Al-Watan is considered as one of the first independent websites that allowed the public to share opinions and discussions without any restrictions, since it is keen to provide its readers with all fine information and best knowledge, throughout its effective and interactive press coverage , including press materials , stories , videos , and images , in addition to the ability of the reader to participate and comment on any topic in the website .
In 2013 Donia Al-Watan has also launched some specialized pages on the social media , to keep pace with the concerns of Arab readers , for instance news , art, sports, and political pages , which gained more than 320 thousand members on facebook .